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        Hey, I'm Steph.
        Our Story Begins Now.

        The best love is the kind that awakens the soul
        & makes us reach for more
        That plants a fire in our hearts
        & brings peace to our minds

        Stephanie Rapp Photography
        Mom - Not-Just-A-Photographer - Artist

        I am a lot of things and I do everything with the best intention.

        First and foremost, being a mom to Conor (8) and Drew-Beans (6) is, by far, the greatest blessing I’ll ever have; my heart beats hard for them.

        Second, I just have to say that photography has been a HUGE part of my life and it’s evolved along side with my personal growth and, (truth bomb) I do take my photo-making art personally. It encompasses me as a creative and it’s an infinite part of who I am today.

        Third, I’ve been on this beautiful healing journey and I’m a fairly new yogi. I’m training to get my 200 hour this year! I find so much healing and grounding work in yoga and I can’t wait to take this venture in helping others in the practice. Such a beautiful art in itself, too.

        While on this healing journey, we decided to move into our RV full time, her name is Bonnie. It’s our newest venture, and definitely our greatest yet. It’s brought a lot of opportunity for growth and expansion in our personal lives and lucky for me, for my work! Over the course of this summer and for the rest of time I’ll be happily chasing your love stories and to photograph them in beautiful locations all over! The beauty of not being confined to one location just tickles me and I cannot wait to venture into the unknown with you all.

        Who are you trusting with your love story?
        Your wedding day will not be remembered for the amazing dress or the beautiful floral arrangements. It’s not about the catered food or what kind of alcohol is being served. It’s definitely not about the guests and who is sitting where. Despite how beautiful you may look, your wedding day isn’t important because of your hair and make-up.
        What truly matters is that you get to marry the love of your life in front of the people that love and support you both, despite how perfect and beautiful everything should be. Your day is so much more than just these things and you deserve to have all that hard work and time, maybe even sweat and tears be recognized by having the best day of your life documented in the best possible way.
        After all, photographs are the most timeless gift anyone could honor themselves with and you owe it to you to have the celebration of your love captured. 
        At the end of the day, trust me when I say you won’t remember very many details of your day, especially as time goes on. You’ll definitely remember how much fun it was. You may even recall how you felt as Dad walked you down to the aisle, or the things your sister said at the dinner toasts that put you into the ugliest crying spell of your life.
        It isn’t your responsibility to remember all of the small, but oh-so-very-crucial moments that happen on your wedding day… it’s mine. Like when Grandpa is sneaking up on Grandma to give her a smooch she’s not aware of, or when Mom is wiping away her tears as you read your vows, maybe it’s when the best man is destroying your car by covering the windows in vulgar but hilarious newly married innuendos, or maybe the time your Maid of Honor got so drunk she started twerking on the dance floor to ‘Baby Got Back.’
        Don’t do yourself the disservice of not hiring someone who can capture all the important moments, the perfectly imperfect and all the in-betweens. With the experience and knowledge I have in this industry, lemme just say I gotchu girl!