Hey, I'm Steph.
    Our Story Begins Now.

    Taking all I have
    And now I'm laying it at your feet

    Putting my heart into what I do since 2013!
    Hi there friend! I’m Stephanie, 31, Mom of 2 boys and 2 pups, rock-climber, obsessed with self-development books and music, which is always playing during my shoots! I’ve never been a surface person, seeing everything at a much deeper level is just one thing you’ll know about me and I’ll just say it makes me GREAT at my “job.” I actually don’t like calling this calling a job if I’m being honest. I am a true artist and it carries on through into my day-to-day life. Having over 15 years of experience in photography, 10 years in the wedding industry and just over 5 years in my business has literally been a HUGE part of who I am to this day. From meeting YOU, to taking your photos, editing them up through the time of delivering to you is like having a baby (to me anyway…) and I do it with all the love and best intentions possible. One thing I’ve HAD to implement in this career path and being selective on who I photograph. Most couples just want “photos of their wedding,” when I’m calling out to the lovers who want their story to be told through the eyes of an artist.
    I feel your feels, I cry when you cry and it is my duty to make sure you are comfortable, cared for and treated as if your love story is THE only story. Each of my couples is SO different and that’s what makes this journey so amazing. I love love and I adore emotion and how it always comes through in my images, leaving you with a feeling in your images you’ll have forever! If you feel you resonate with me and want to work with me! Friggin awesome! Can’t wait to hear from you! Let’s make a coffee, climbing or date over drinks so I can hear all about your love story! I’m an open book, so please reach out if you have any questions, concerns or just simply want to know more about what I do and exactly who I am! It’s super important to know and trust your vendors and who you hire to bring a service for YOU!!! I cannot implement that enough! (I am BBB certified!) Love and light you and your hunny-bunny on this fun new chapter in your life! <3