If you see yourself going from heels to barefoot immediately after the ceremony, if you and your lover are down to shot-gun a beer, if you enjoy the hair-wind love affairs, if you don’t mind escaping from your own wedding for a moment to get those golden-hour sunset shots and if you (kind of) secretly want it to rain on your wedding day, …no? Just me? Well, if you said YES to any of these… I can assure you, we will be friends, and what better way to share your wedding day than with a photographer who you can feel like a friend to? Seriously, there’s nothing better than feeling comfortable being photographed, because WHEN YOU’RE COMFORTABLE, I AM and ALL the best photos come from that place. Promise!




starting at

1+ hours coverage • professional high-resolution image processing • online gallery w/ print + digital release



starting at

4 hours coverage • professional high-resolution image processing • online gallery w/ digital + print release



starting at

6+ hours coverage • professional high-resolution image processing • online gallery w/digital + print release

Bigger packages include a complimentary engagement session, in-home session, custom hard-bound wedding album, second photographer + more!



starting at

4+ hours coverage • professional high-resolution image processing • online gallery w/ digital + print release

Travel costs: $1/mile one way


Can we customize a package to fit our needs?

Absolutely, you can! All packages shown above are inter-changeable but I did try to leave it as simple as possible! You may add on hours of photo coverage, add on a second photographer, add on travel, add on an album, a day before session or a honeymoon session, etc!

Can we split the time up throughout the day?

Unfortunately, I don't do this being that the extra time traveling and waiting does add up, but don't worry, we can always create a timeline that makes sense and works for you!

What if we need a second photographer, but just for bridal prep and ceremony?

It's always SO helpful when having a second photographer on site for the different angles, perspectives and just to assure that we don't miss a shot, but not all the time do I require a second photographer. Sometimes, a few hours of the extra help is all we need!

Do I need to have you there for bridal prep?

You don't need to, but some of my brides' most cherised moments are during the "Getting Ready" process a.k.a. "Bridal Prep." It's where mom, Grammy, best friends and sisters are all there supporting you, getting ready with you and let me just say, these are some moments you just don't want to be missed!

What equipment do you use?

Canon 5D Mark III + Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 50 mm f/1.2 L Series lens, Canon 135 mm f/2 L Series lens, Sigma Art 35 mm f/1.4 lens, 600 EX-RT Flash

How many photos do we receive from a session and a wedding? And do we get the release?

The amount of images I give is a minimum 50 an hour, all professionally edited and given in highest form of resolution and in web-size and it comes with the print and digital release!

What is your turnaround time for portrait and for weddings?

Turnaround time is 2 weeks for portrait/lifestyle sessions and approximately 6-12 weeks for a wedding (depending on how small or big the wedding)

Do I need a wedding planner or coordinator?

I've worked at weddings with a planner and many without one. I definitely recommend that you do hire one, AT LEAST for the day of the wedding just with the fact that it's YOUR wedding day and you should be having fun and not worrying about where to meet the florist and after the ceremony finding some help to move chairs into the reception area. If you'd like to get some information about finding a wedding planner/coordinator or any other vendor, please ask! I can send you all the referrals!

Do you give all of the images? and in RAW?

I do not! As a photographer in this industry for well over 10 years, there's absolutely no need to give RAW images and trust me when I say, you don't want ALL of them... not every shot is all that great. I always say QUALITY over quantity!

What if something happens on our scheduled session or wedding and you're not able to come?

Shiz happens sometimes, amirite? But it's safe to say I've never missed a session or a wedding and if, by any chance at all, I wasn't able to perform, I would either reschedule at your convenience or allow a replacement to fill in for me (at or above my level of expertise and service).

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